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Live Healthier & Happier

Do you feel stuck? Are you tired of thinking "there has to be something else I can do"?

Let me help empower you to live better by making small changes that work in a gentle way with your body, not against it.

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About Me

HI! I'm Steph!

I am passionate about teaching people a low-tox living lifestyle using essential oils and natural solutions.

Natural Health and Wellness

I'm so glad you are here! You have found us because we ARE you! WE are always searching for answers and never accepting 'no'. We firmly believe that there is ALWAYS something you can do!


At Wild Drop Solutions, we believe in the power of nature to improve your health and wellness. Our focus is on guiding people on how to use essential oils safely and effectively to improve their overall well-being. We offer in-person and online classes, as well as workshops on how to use oils and natural ingredients to create your own products for a more natural lifestyle.

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Improve your health

We believe in the power of the body to heal itself, given the right ingredients.

Good health is foundational to overall wellness and vitality and the basis from which we work from.

We show you how you can take control of your physical, emotional and even your financial health.

Help those you love

We are you! We've been there and we know what it feels like to be told "that's the way it is". 

Through constant research, training and experience, we can offer you small daily changes that can make a massive impact on your day to day life for not only yourself, but those you care most about.

Make an impact

We believe in the power of the mind and the difference small changes made on a daily basis can make to help you design a life you love.

And we believe in you! We are your tribe and we are here to empower you to live a fulfilling life!


Marlene Forum, Perth WA

She geniunely cares about helping you on your path to improve your health and life! She is an amazing passionate lady with the heart in the right place!

Laura Sudano, Perth WA

Cannot recommend Steph enough. So obliging and always willing to help. A wealth of knowledge with her oils and has given me some wonderful tips and inspiration to use my oils creatively throughout my home and share with my family.
She is so friendly and generous with her time, oils and equipment. Highly recommend Steph for anyone looking to build their knowledge on doTERRA.

Nikki Collins, Perth WA

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Steph from Wild Drop Solutions. I went to Steph when I needed sme assistance with oils to help with early pregnancy and morning sickness and nausea. Steph went above and beyond to find different oils suitable for the different things that my body was experiencing and followed up with me to ensure I was happy with her recommendations. I thnk what sets Steph apart from the rest is that this is actually a true passion of hers and it is in her everyday life , it is not just a business. I'm very grateful for her knowledge and suggestions she has for me on my oil journey.
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If you're wondering, "What are essential oils? How can I use them to improve my health?", be sure to download our free "Getting Started with Essential Oils" guide today!

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