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My Story

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My journey began in my 20’s when I was struggling on a daily basis to even get out of bed, let alone dress myself without my knees giving away due to extreme discomfort triggered by my severe scoliosis. I still remember back then, thinking “is this what it is going to be like” Is this all there is?”​


Through my constant struggle to find pain relief and something that ‘would work’ on my twisted spine, my frequent migraines and the muscle spasms I experienced, I began the long journey to explore all the options out there that I thought might help.


​In the back of my mind, I always had hope. I was determined to not let the professionals, (and not so professional!) tell me this was my lot in life, and I just had to accept it. This was not my plan for my life! 


​I discovered Bowen Therapy, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic care, Acupuncture, remedial massage, hydrotherapy, shock wave therapy, yoga, meditation, gym rehab work, stretching, Reiki, plus a myriad of other modalities to ease my discomfort. A lot of them worked and are still a part of my daily exercise routine today as they have made a massive difference to my pain levels and my quality of life. But there was still more I needed to do, I just didn’t know what…


​Until about 7 years ago, when a friend introduced me to doTERRA essential oils. Through having a casual interest in Aromatherapy about a decade ago, I knew that essential oils had a beautiful aroma, but not much else. So when doTERRA came along, I was excited to try some new aromas in the home, not realising how these little brown bottles would change my life.​


And then in late 2022 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I'll never forget those words being said to me. Right then and there I vowed to do everything I could to get through this in as much health as I could, using my oils to support me day and night. I astounded the specialist and chemo nurses with how well I held up, despite my body being put under the worst stresses possible.​Through research and personal experience, I developed a love for these oils and the benefits that occurred quite quickly to my health and wellness and that of my family. My oils are an integral part of my formula for helping to manage my head, neck and back tension and the severity and frequency of my migraines, as well as all the side effects from 2 surgeries, Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy, and they are my constant companions everywhere I go! 


If my struggle resonates with you, or someone you know, then I'm so glad you found me and I can share my experiences with you. I am no expert, my successes have come through trial and error and never giving up, but I have found a formula that works for me and has given me back a quality of life I never thought was possible.

My wish for you

It is my deepest wish that my journey may inspire you to take action and create a life you love through implementing some of my simple solutions.

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My Approach

My passion is essential oils, natural ingredients and making people feel better! Whether that be emotionally, physically, is what drives me every day, to find how I can make a difference in someone's life.

I hope that someone is you! 

My approach is non-salesy, not pushy, we work together, at your pace, finding out what will fit in with your lifestyle, what you feel are realistic and achievable goals, and we work towards that target with regular check-ins along the way.

You are never left alone, I will give you the tools you need to move the needle in a positive way in your life, and I'll be there beside you all the way, with advice, hints, tips and encouragement, as your goal is my goal too - together we can make a difference!

You will benefit for online and in-person trainings, one-on-one mentoring and check-ins, you will learn how to make your own DIY personal care and beauty care products (if that's your thing, if not, then that's ok too!) and learn how to use your essential oils to improve the health and wellness of not only yourself, but those you care most about.

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